"Our Oceans Reflect the Consciousness of Humanity"
Ocean Sanctuaries is a non-profit organization dedicated to collecting crowd-sourced data from collaborative non-professionally trained individuals to observe ocean life. We use the information collected to educate people around the world through lectures and documentary films. Our joint efforts promote knowledge and awareness of the oceans and allow people to live abundantly.

Our oceans take up over 70% of the entire earth and are believed to be the root of food sources for people and animals alike. By helping educate people to understand the benefits our oceans provide we can ensure our children can enjoy an abundant and diverse life.

We would appreciate your support by donating your time and money. Your proceeds go to finding and educating new volunteers, creating educational materials and documentary films, and supporting our ongoing projects.

Ocean Sanctuaries empowers volunteers, called citizen scientists, to contribute their time and observations. Many organizations exist for a very specific cause like ‘save the whales,’ or ‘save the sharks.’ Each individual and organization has data that can be compiled together to support our joint efforts and bring us closer to sustainability. 
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